Importance Of ASIC Verification

Sep 25, 2020

Importance Of ASIC Verification


Modern Day Designs

Technological advancements have touched and transformed almost every sphere of our lives. From the high-end satellites in space that give us accurate information on the weather, location, level of natural resources and a lot more to the smartphones in our hands, engineering marvels are ubiquitous. Cars in the olden days were merely machines running on fuel, but the modern day cars are equipped with computer vision and intelligence. When cell phones came into existence, they were hot and huge, but now the cell phones have shrunk and so have their power demands. Not to forget that our cell phones now even double up as a map, camera, audio-video player, notepad, watch, calendar and much more rolled into one. The lifelike sound and visual effects rendered by the modern day audio visual systems were unthinkable in the past. But as Rome wasn’t built in a day, the metamorphosis of almost everything we see and touch has taken...

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ASIC Verification Training Course Content

Digital Design Fundamentals

  • Basic Fundamentals (Number System, Boolean Algebra, Logic Gates, Logic Optimizations).
  • Combinational Logic Design.
  • Sequential Logic Circuits & Finite State Machines

Verilog For Design

  • Concept & Fundamentals
  • Structural Modeling
  • Behavioral Modeling
  • Building Behavioral Models

Verilog For Verification

  • Verilog Operators & Directives
  • Verilog Testbench Constructs
  • Built-in System Functions & Tasks
  • File I/O Operations
  • Randomization & Control Functions

Verification Architecture

  • Verification Flow and Simulation Process
  • Types of Testbench – Architecture and Applications
  • Testbench Building Blocks
  • Verification Architecture

Scripting & Automation

  • Shell scripts & Linux commands
  • Perl Scripts
  • Makefile

Writing Testbench : Verilog (Hands-on Lab)

  • Testbench Architecture
  • Testbench Building blocks
  • Step-by-step Guidelines

Final Project

  • Build Verification IP for one or more the standard based interface like I2C, SPI, AHB and UART.